Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Revelation Study

“I Am Coming Soon.” - Jesus

These are the last recorded words of our God and Savior. They are the conclusion to His end times prophecy. They are His last statement and final thought. These four simple words are how Jesus chose to land the plane in His discourse.

In them, we find hope. Why? Because Jesus Christ is on His way back. Though none of us know the exact day or the hour of His triumphal return, we can all be certain of His future coming. As believers, we may not agree on all the minor details surrounding His second appearance, but what each one of us can count on is the fact that someday soon He will come and receive us to Himself and, together, we will forever be with Him.

Beginning tomorrow

Throughout the entire month of March, Biblical Perspicacity will be walking through the book of Revelation one chapter at a time. If you are interested in keeping up in this 31-day apocalyptic journey, then I would encourage you to follow me through email by submitting it in the appropriate box in the upper left-hand corner of the page.

Blogs will be posted every evening by 7:00 pm (EST) and immediately shared to Biblical Perspicacity’s Facebook page. They will be posted on Facebook a second time by 7:00 am (EST) the following day for those who prefer to do their Bible studies in the morning.

Outline for the Month of March

What to Expect

For the sake of keeping this commentary to 31 days of short blogs, I will not be able to dissect every detail or touch on every nuance found in this book. As all of you know, there are numerous debates surrounding nearly every chapter of Revelation. The purpose of this blog series is to equip readers with a clear overview of Revelation. Thus, to keep it under 600-pages, I will not be engaging in every single controversy or interpretation. This is intentional for the sake of length.

My hope is that this blog series will serve as a foundation from which you can then begin your own deeper study into this final book of Scripture. That being said, if you have any questions regarding Revelation, I encourage you to ask them freely either in the comments section (please do not be antagonistic or argumentative) or through a private message. I will aim to respond to you in a timely manner and your question may even be turned into a blog at a later date! I appreciate your comments and am excited to journey through the end together!

*Click here to see the full Revelation commentary.

Friday, February 16, 2018

The Hidden Enemy: Book Review

A special thanks to Tyndale HousePublishers for sending me a complimentary copy of Michael Youssef’s book, The Hidden Enemy.

Our nation and our people are under attack. Religious persecution is on the rise. We have an external enemy [radical Islam] and an internal enemy [secular humanism], but there is another enemy—a hidden one. One that many of us may not even realize. Yet, one that we desperately need to open our eyes to see.

In Michael Youssef’s book, The Hidden Enemy, he discusses everything from fake news and media manipulation, his own personal testimony of growing up during civil unrest in Egypt, the historical tensions which have existed between Muslims and Christians, and even the ever-quickening descent into an age of relativism and emotional decision making. Our generation is spiraling down a bottle of sin to which there is no end. Even many so called “Christian” churches within our own borders are forsaking the truth of God’s Word and exchanging it for a lie (Rom. 1:25).

What can we do to prevent the collapse of one of the greatest nations in world history? How can we better exemplify Christ to a world of people who would rather do their own thing? Is there still time to change, or have we already past the point of no return in our decline? Michael Youssef offers powerful insights into today’s world and gives practical steps on how to combat the hidden enemy.

A must-read for everyone! Between Youssef’s engaging writing and use of current events, you will not be able to put this down!