Sunday, February 23, 2014

Delivering God's Talk to the Unreached

When I think about why I am saved, the only thing that comes to mind is God's grace. However, is this not the same God that Scripture makes clear is unwilling for any to perish? I am now twenty-two years old and I can testify to the fact that there is a lot of perishing going on in this world.

Or maybe I should ask a different question. Before the foundations of the world, when God knew and established all that would be set free in His Son; out of all of the human race living in this generation, did He love me any more than the billions of individuals who were and are being born in areas of this world that haven't yet been reached with the Gospel?

The obvious response is no. God's love goes out to all mankind and though I will never be able to fathom or even relatively comprehend, I can trust from a Biblical standpoint that God has an infinite love for all who were born of His image.

However, since I am now His child...does He now love me even a little more than say the heathen over in Papua New Guinea? No. His love is infinite for me and for them, which means that it cannot be added to or taken away from.

I feel like many times we in Christian circles can overlook this very important truth. We can dot our I's and cross our T's in the doctrinal stance we hold, yet we can miss the heart of God and His desire to reach the world for Christ.

In our world today there are still well over two billion people with no access to the Gospel. There is a Savior that died and rose again for them, yet they will never know. As a result, men and women will continue to be born, live, and die without ever hearing of the grace and love of our Heavenly Father and will end up in eternal and unquenchable fire because no hope was given to them.

However, if these people were to hear the Gospel of Christ and believe in His name, would they not experience the same eternal blessings and opportunities as I have in Christ? They certainly would. So just because I was born in America and they were not, does God love me more than they? Absolutely not! Absurd! God forbid!

As I am pondering upon these many thought-provoking questions, I am beginning to realize that the only reason I, Cameron Michael Neace, am not going to hell is because somebody brought me the Gospel. Somebody a long time ago devoted their life to Christ by standing unashamed and willing to risk the safety and security of everything they held dear to them in this world in hopes that someday you and I would have the wonderful opportunity of knowing Christ.

God did not appear to us in a glorious light. Nor will He appear to the unreached tribes. He calls us to be senders and goers of His word in hopes to fulfill the Great Commission in this generation and He has chosen to work through people such as you and I.

It is exciting to think that we have this amazing privilege of taking part in what the God of the universe is involved in. Dad wants to work with His let us spend time with our Father and be used to bring many sons to glory.

A Dream I Had

I was journeying to a far away place. I did not know exactly where I was headed, but I knew I was going to share the good news with people who have never heard. I came to the edge of a wooded area and began to pray.

As I was on my knees I devoted everything to the Lord. I knew I needed to leave everything behind and before I would take the next step, I recognized that I needed God to go before me and bring me to those whom He would have me serve at this time.

I prayed for the people that I did not yet know and then I stood up and began walking into the jungle. After walking quite some time, I passed by some people. The only thing I was holding was my Bible and I was hoping to be able to share it with them but they didn't want it and just ran off.

I kept walking through the jungle and I saw this family running and hiding in the woods. They looked as if they were trying to escape from something. As if someone was chasing them. It kind of reminded me of when slaves would run away from their master's before and during the civil war.

When I saw them I shouted in the only language I knew, which was English. They didn't understand me so they just stopped for a second and glared at me. After a moment of stillness they just kept running.

I shouted again because I knew I had the answer in my hand. I knew that neither of us would be able to understand each other because I did not yet know their language, but I was confident that God was having me pursue these people.

Again they stopped, looked, and then continued on. Finally, I shouted and held up my Bible so that they would see it. I was presenting it as a gift and I knew the man could tell that, but I also knew that he was somewhat fearful since he had never seen a white man before.

I instantly fell on my knees with my face to the ground and arms stretched out as far as I could get them. While in this position, I held God's Word with a loose grasp hoping he would come and receive it.

However, because he was fearful of me and wasn't sure of my exact intentions he ran up really fast, grabbed it from me, and kicked me just to be sure that I wouldn't try and tackle him or something. He then ran back to stand with his family.

When he saw that I didn't move an inch but was still prostrated on the ground he slowly came closer to me. I could tell that he was asking me in his language what this book was, but I didn't know how to respond. I wasn't aware of what language he was speaking, but my hope was that they would allow me to stay with them and learn from them so that someday I would be able to tell them all about the God who loves them.

All I did was point at the book and then up, hoping that he would understand that I meant God. It was challenging because I didn't know the culture. I didn't know if what I was doing was appropriate or if it was even understandable so I just kept trying to make symbols and signs in hopes that he and his family would recognize that I had a message from God.

I wanted them to know that what he was holding was the very Word of God, but I wasn't sure how. Thankfully, he was kind of getting what I was trying to communicate and so he grabbed my shirt and began dragging me along with them.

However, they were no longer running away or hiding. We began walking back in the direction that they had originally come from.

Along the way there seemed to be many obstacles. At different points in our journey wolves and fierce dogs would try and attack us. Thankfully, whenever we needed to fight them off we always had the high ground.

We made our way back to the place they were running from. I found that they were being held captive in a prison in the jungle. After we snuck back in they began showing me how they lived. I did not know exactly why they were forced to remain in slavery, but they allowed me to stay with them until that day when they would know God's talk and furthermore, they would know God!


Is this not reality? Almost two-thousand people groups are living in bondage under the dominion of Satan. They are looking for hope, but they are running away because they fear there is none.

They live in darkness and are slaves of sin. Our heart is to go to these people, learn from them their language and culture, and then teach them the Word of God. The Gospel of Christ has the power to set these people free. We will go...will you send us?

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Expand the reach of the gospel

What's Next?

The Second Phase

Well, it's official! I am officially a graduate of New Tribes Bible Institute! So what's next, you may be wondering? Well...I am getting married this July to my beautiful fiance.

Many of you know how strongly I voiced my opinion about living a single life for the Lord; however, while I was praying for the Lord's will, He began to bring about circumstances that would change my status - Caitlin Ryerson.

I have truly found her to be the absolute best change of plans and I thank the Lord constantly for her. I am excited to journey through God's will with her in this life as we walk closely with Him, and as we are pursuing the overseas mission field.

Where are we going?

We are headed roughly about seven thousand miles away to a place unheard of. To an area unreached. To a place unwanted by men, but craved for by GOD! These people have not the Gospel. They know not the Savior of the world. They are sick with disease and infested with sin.

Their sins have been paid for, but they don't know it yet. They can't taste it or feel it or even understand it because for the last four thousand years or so they have been set aside. The world says they are nothing, and by the actions of the Church we have agreed.

Who am I to say that they are not worthy to come and dine with Him who gave Himself for them? I apologize if this is harsh and I ask that you please show me grace, but its time that we give them the blessed opportunity of tasting and experiencing the abundant and eternal life of our risen Lord and glorious Savior Jesus Christ.

"For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek; for the same Lord is Lord of all, abounding in riches for all who call on Him; for 'WHOEVER WILL CALL ON THE NAME OF THE LORD WILL BE SAVED.' How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed? How will they believe in Him whom they have not heard? And how will they hear without a preacher? How will they preach unless they are sent? Just as it is written, 'HOW BEAUTIFUL ARE THE FEET OF THOSE WHO BRING GOOD NEWS OF GOOD THINGS!'" - Romans 10:12-15

Remember, you have the gospel and as such will never suffer the torments of hell because somebody brought it to you. Please pray for Caitlin and I as we spend our lives serving the Lord in Papua New Guinea planting churches and making disciples among those who have never heard the name of Jesus Christ.

This coming August we are beginning the second phase at the Missionary Training Center in Camdenton, MO. Until then we will be raising support in order to experience the absolute best missions training that is available for tribal church planting. A big part of that training will be teaching us how to learn a language that has never been written down or recorded before.

 We ask you to pray for us and especially for those whom the Lord will have us ministering to. Thanks again for praying and God bless.

United together in Christ,

Cameron & Caitlin.

Heaven's Dream

Does anybody remember Russell Kitchen? I certainly do! Today marks the two year anniversary of when my grandpa went to be with the Lord in glory. He had walked with the Lord for years and had emulated to me what a godly man looks like. He taught me many things, but most importantly he challenged me to have a disciplined life and to make it one of faith.

2011 was my last year with him because he died a couple weeks after I left for Bible school. But what if I was to tell you that I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was going to die nearly two months in advance? Would you think I was crazy? Would you label me as a Charismatic? What would you say to me if I told you that God revealed a piece of His plan with me in my sleep?

The following is a dream I had just before I woke up on November 26, 2011. My goal is not to prove to you that God can speak through dreams and I will not debate you. All I will do is tell you my dream and you can take it or leave it, but this is what I wrote in my notebook that morning as soon as I awoke from that dream:
"I was trying to save somebody, but I couldn't tell who. The waters were coming in to quick. The waves were all around. As the oceans fell upon us, the roar of the waters had swallowed them up, however, I survived having no injuries.
Flashing in and out was when we immediately appeared in our church. It seemed to be a party like never before. Better than a prom and lovelier than a wedding and more beautiful than a bride on that day.
Once again, the dream changed and we were all in a hospital room surrounding a patient who had just breathed his last. The sheet had been over their head acknowledging that they were dead. But we were praying for this individual and immediately they were raised. The man under the covers sat up, but I never got a look because we were back in the church.
We walked to the front of the sanctuary as if we were looking for a casket, but I want to tell you there was nothing there. I continued to walk around and down the other aisle only to see that the entire congregation was dressed in a glowing white. Not one person was in black.
I tell you that the audience was made up of every nationality. Every tribe and city and nation was dressed in this unexplainable white, but not one person was sitting nor were they standing. When I mentioned a party earlier I truly meant it. They were dancing and singing and shouting and chanting.
I began to get a smile on my face. I began to enjoy this place. Even as the introvert that I am I was longing that this would never end. I was shaking hands and meeting new friends, but one man quickly gained my attention. For as I was making my way down the aisle I knew that he was staring directly at me.
He was a tall man with white hair and a controlled face. He shook my hand with power and spoke to me with authority. There was no question to what he said, for when he spoke all other sounds seemed to flee from my ears. His voice was deep and if I can say...thunderous.
He greeted me with the warmth of his hand, but began our conversation by asking me the question, 'Has anybody died yet?' All I could think was no and that's what I told him, but he quickly responded by telling me that 'someone will die a few weeks after the wedding.'
 As quickly as lightning illuminates the night sky and then is no where to be found, so was the time it took for us to immediately be sitting at my grandparents house enjoying a nice meal together. The food was hot and the family was here, however, I was given a cup of water in order that I may bless my grandpa. I took it to him and he drank."
This is the dream that I had that early morning nearly two months before his passing. When I awoke I wanted to write this down as soon as I could find a pen and some paper. However, I was confused. I knew that this was from God and I knew it was referring to my grandpa, but there was no wedding. Not only that, but at the time the dementia that he was suffering from had been stable and there was no sign of any digression.

Well as you would have guessed, I then found out just a few days later that my cousin, his granddaughter, was getting married on December 31, 2011. I couldn't make it to the wedding because I was in Mexico, but as I returned on January 8th of that new year I knew that I had to see him just one last time before I left for New Tribes Bible Institute.

You see, it was right before I left for Mexico on New Years Eve Morning that his health began declining rapidly. Faster than ever expected. When I returned from the mission trip I had a 5-day window of opportunity to go see him. When he saw me he wanted to leave the nursing home and come with me, but I had to leave without him that day.

Indeed, the saddest moment I had ever had with him because I knew he was hurting.

I thank the Lord that on February 2, 2012 God took him home where the word "suffering" is not in their vocabulary. Thank You Jesus and thank you Russell Kitchen for being a true representation of Christ in my life!

Again, I am not claiming to be a prophet of any kind. I do not seek these dreams, but sometimes they occur. I cannot explain them, but I can only trust that God has a plan. I do want to tell you though, that everything in this dream came true in more words than I can write. God works wonders and I believe that He is allowed to work and speak in truly whatever way He knows best. Thank you for your time and God bless!