Thursday, June 21, 2018

High King of Heaven: Book Review

A special thanks to Moody Publishers for sending me a complimentary copy of John MacArthur’s book, High King of Heaven.

From eternity past to eternity future, High King of Heaven, as is written on the front cover, seeks to honor Christ by offering theological and practical perspectives on both His Person and work. Some of the contents include His eternality, relationship with the Father, virgin birth, life and ministry, view on Scripture interpretation, death and resurrection, and even His final coming which we all long to see. This book is one of the most Christ-exalting books I have read in a long time – and I have read a lot of books!

This is the thirty-eighth book I have read this year, and it has been moved to the top of my favorite’s list. Apart from God’s Word, I do not normally read books over again after I have finished them. However, I am both confident and excited to say that this is one of those books I will read again someday and reference often.

One of the major advantages this book has to offer is the number of men who contributed to its content. As the reader, you have the privilege of both hearing and learning from twenty-three men who have invested their lives in the study of God’s revelation. Each essay stands firm on the deep theological truths of Scripture and offers practical insights into our everyday lives.

I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone who wants to know more about Christ. If you are a teacher of God’s Word in any capacity, then you need this book. As a believer in Christ, you will only benefit from reading High King of Heaven.


-          Biblical Perspicacity