Wednesday, May 29, 2019

What Am I Feeling: Book Review

A special thanks to LifeWay for sending a complimentary copy of Dr Josh and Christi Straub’s book,
What Am I Feeling?

What Am I Feeling? is an excellent resource for teaching children about emotions. Feelings are such an abstract concept and it can be a challenge to talk about them. However, this book is a terrific aid! With colorful illustrations and a storyline that all children can identify with, What Am I Feeling? will provide a great springboard for parents to delve into the topic of emotions. I especially appreciated that the authors emphasized that feelings are just feelings and are not in control of us as humans. Also, they sought to lead children to dependence on the Lord by including that they should talk to Him about what they are feeling and seek His wisdom as to what to do with that emotion. There’s even a chart included in the back of the book with additional emotions that parents can use to continue the conversation with their children. I highly recommend What Am I Feeling? for children!