Tuesday, August 21, 2018

All the Colors that I See: Book Review

A special thanks to B&H/LifeWay for sending me a complimentary copy of their new book, All the Colors that I See.

All the Colors that I See is a very creative and engaging book to read with an infant and toddler. Both Kennedy and Conger do an excellent job through their use of colors and poetry to strengthen the child’s imagination through their personal involvement in the story. Each page presents a new color and activity for the child to do thus engaging more of their senses by teaching them through listening, seeing and doing.

 From start to finish, this book seeks to aid the child in seeing that all of the beautiful things in this world were handmade by God Himself. Everything that has color comprises a beautiful picture of our Lord’s artistic abilities. It is never too early to begin training your child to see the world the way God designed it to be viewed and to teach them to acknowledge Him in all things.

Though I am not a parent yet, this is the type of book my wife and I look forward to reading to our children when they are young. It is well written and beautifully illustrated in a way that captures the heart of a child. As an added bonus, there is even a sneaky chameleon following you through the pages which adds to the child’s enjoyment.

Whether you’re a parent yourself or are attending a baby shower, my wife and I both highly recommend this book!