About Me

This is His way of using me. 

Born and raised in Missouri, I came to know the Lord during high school. In 2012 I enrolled in New Tribes Bible Institute located in Wisconsin where I met my wife, Caitlin, and graduated with an Associate in Biblical Studies. After graduation and our wedding, we proceeded on to the Missionary Training Center in Missouri where I earned a Bachelor of Intercultural Ministries. With a desire to serve in the local church, I began Seminary in Indiana and graduated in May of 2019 having earned my Master of Divinity in Pastoral Studies. Caitlin and I now live in Butler, Pennsylvania where I serve Bright Hope Community Church as the lead pastor.

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  1. Hello!
    I have written a manuscript that I am about to submit to WestBow Press for publication into a book. I would like to know if I may use the image – the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil - that I found on your website. Of course, you will receive credit if you permit me to use this image. If there are Copywrite prohibitions, I do understand; simply let me know this if you will.

    If you will kindly let me know as soon as possible, I would greatly appreciate it.

    My book is a Messianic apologetic as to why Christians need to understand the Bible from a Hebraic perspective. I incorporate both Hebrew and some Paleo-Hebrew in my text.

    Thank you.

    Grace and Shalom,

    Catherine Steveley

  2. Hello

    The Hebrew word pronounced "Go!". I just wanted to add (as I learnt it only yesterday coincindentally) that "Go!" is the shortests complete sentence in the English language. Not sure what it means but I just wanted to stir the pot.