Perspicacity: the quality of having a ready insight into things
Biblical Perspicacity: the quality of having a ready insight into God's Word

Study. Obey. Share. This is the purpose of Biblical Perspicacity. May we enrich ourselves in the TRUTH of Scripture as it permeates our lives.

The purpose of this blog is not to fill your mind with a bunch of Biblical facts. I am not willing that any result stays merely at the information level. Rather, I hope and pray that the outcome of this blog will result in transformation! That it will be used by God to bring about a changed life for His glory.

I pray that the Holy Spirit will teach us the deep things of Himself, and that we will learn to appropriate these things and stand strong on the truth of His Word. I pray that He will use this blog as an encouragement to believers to equip us with the tools and foundations necessary to dig into the Word of God.

In life, knowledge always precedes application. That being said, many times I want new revelation, yet I don't strive to be obedient to the truth that God has already given to me. Therefore, let us not just grow in our knowledge of Biblical facts but in our very relationship with the Almighty God!

"God forbid, we become more impressed with our knowledge of God, instead of God Himself!" - Dave Hodgdon

Please share your thoughts and ideas and studies of the Word and let us build each other up in Christ. Let us rely on the Holy Spirit and discover the deep things of God.

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